The Instrumentals – Out Now!

Synthwave album cover

‚Magic Hour – The Instrumentals‘ now available! Check out the instrumental versions from our debut record on all major streaming platforms. There are so many nuances that were put in this piece of art.  This is the soundtrack for hot summer days and endless nights outside. Imagine yourself being at Miami Beach or cruising through […]

Movie & Series Tributes

80s retro tv

The style and music of 85 REWIND is heavily inspired by 80s-pop-culture and memories from our youth. As our songs would serve quite well as series- or movie soundtracks – we created some tributes to our favourites ourselves. So grab some pop-corn and enjoy! Nowadays it is easy to follow a series right from the […]

First Concert – Dec 27th 2022

Guys! It’s been a crazy year 2022 so far with so much going on:    after having promoted our debut record on websites, social media channels, blogs and radio stations for several months, we truly wanted to get ready for performing the entire album live on stage.  So summertime for us was basically rehearsing, arranging […]

Debut Album – Out Now!

After two years in the making, our debut album is finally out! ‘Magic Hour’ is the time of day around dusk when the sun just dipped below the horizon and there still remains ambient light and a warm glow that powerfully translates to the emotion of a moment. While this will make you feel dreamy […]

Hello World!

85 Rewind band Foto

85 REWIND is a brand new synthwave band from Nuremberg, Germany. The 1980s are best known for extroverted dreams, desires, illusions and the strive for a colorful reality. This mood was reflected in music as well and – together with the new technical possibilities of synthetic instruments – created the unique sound we all love.  […]