The music of our album Magic Hour will be used in the sixth season of Miami Vice. There are unreleased tracks that will be launched as part of the new Miami Vice soundtrack as well.

Inspiration to bring back Miami Vice came through one of our tribute videos that went viral and showcased a perfect fit of Synthwave music, stylish heroes and dark crime-scenes. 

The producers continue the story of Crocket and Tubbs in the preset day with the original actors Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas stepping in their most iconic roles once more. The series will also feature 80s and 90s flashbacks in a mix of unused footage from older episodes and de-aged new material.

Miami Vice Season Six 6
Miami Vice Sequel Cover

Besides further original actors from the original series reprising their roles and showing how their life’s turned out in the past decades, you should also pay attention to cameos of the 85 Rewind band members. As cars always played an important role in the series, lots of luxury cars will appear as well – such as the Ferrari Portofino Spyder driven by Crockett. Rumour has it that a Miami Vice Icona model will be available for die hard fans by 2025.

The new season of Miami Vice will come to a streaming service later this year, nearly 35 years after the final episode was broadcasted on TV.