About the Band

A rising Synthwave / Outrun band from Nuremberg (Germany)

The 1980s are best known for extroverted dreams, desires,
illusions and the strive for a
colorful reality. This mood was reflected in music as well and – together with the new technical
possibilities of synthetic
instruments – created the
unique sound we all love.

Being children of this magical
time themselves, the guys of
85 REWIND want to make this decade a new experience for all generations by using characteristic synthesizers, drum machines
and massive guitar effects.

In February 2022 their debut album was released. The title “Magic Hour” marks the time of day around dusk when the sun just dipped below the
horizon and there still remains ambient light and a warm glow that powerfully translates to the emotion of a moment.

While this will make you feel dreamy
and nostalgic, it can be at the same
time dramatic and theatrical.

The record also features the subtitle
“Season One” as the listener becomes
the protagonist of a storyline, experien-
cing an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Due to the pandemic, the record had
to be finalised fully remotely with the
band in Germany and their producer
located in Nashville, USA.

The band members Alexander
Hantzsch, Christian Schlagenhaufer,
Andreas Dentler and Volker Goldfuss
(from left to right) have many years of
band and stage experience and want
to bring Synthwave on the large stages
of the world.

85 REWIND has been renewed for
“Season Two” that is currently in
production and will drop in early 2023.


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